The Right and Wrong Questions to Ask Your Psychic

Questions for Psychics

Are you interested in speaking with psychics? If you are, don’t just stop at finding the best provider in your area! To make the most out of your session, you should also think about your questions and ensure you’re asking the right things.


The Wrong Questions

Whether you’re booking a psychic visit or talking with a spirit leadership expert, it’s incredibly easy to ask the wrong questions. These include simple “Yes or No” questions like “Will I get married?” as well as restrictive ones such as “Where will I meet Mr. or Ms. Right?”. The answers to these questions might seem exciting, but asking them will actually limit your psychic and prevent her from delving deeper and giving you more useful information.


This is also the case with questions that make it seem like you’re seeking reassurance. Psychics are not there to tell you if you should get divorced or not or if you should go ahead and buy that new house you’ve been eyeing on. Rather, they are there to give you helpful insight, which you can then use to steer your life to the right direction.


The Right Questions

So what are the right questions to ask, then? There are actually a lot of them, but you’ll want to start with those that will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and better view of the things to come. Here are some examples:


  • Instead of “Will I become rich and successful?”, ask: “What do I need to do to achieve my life goals?

  • Instead of “When will I have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”, ask: “How will I attract the right person?”

  • Instead of “Should I leave my job?”, ask: “What steps should I take to build a better career and get the position I want?”


Asking the right question is key to having a successful psychic reading. If you’re ready to schedule one, simply call Psychic Readings by Anna at (703) 231-0696. You can also visit her in Alexandria, VA to personally talk to her and see her collection of high-quality botanica.