What’s the Difference Between Psychics and Fortune Tellers?

Psychic vs Fortune Telling Service

Like many people, you probably think that a psychic reading and a fortune telling service are basically the same thing. But this isn’t technically true. Both psychics and fortune tellers can give you a peek at the future, but they approach this in different ways.


What Fortune Tellers Do

The name says it all: fortune tellers usually tell you what your fortune would be in the future. They can simply foresee the events that might happen next week, next month, or in the next few years, but they normally can’t give you information about the causes behind these events. They can see the “What” but not the “Why”.


So what does this mean? Simply put, if you just want to have a basic glimpse of the future, using a fortune telling service is the way to go. It’s a great way to have an idea of what tomorrow might be like and prepare yourself for the things that could happen.


What Psychics Do

Psychics are different from fortune tellers in that they don’t just focus on telling the future. They can also give you insights on why things could unfold this way or that and how they might progress from Point A to Point B. Essentially, they can provide you with the “Why” that fortune tellers don’t offer.


Psychics can do this due to their perceptive abilities that go beyond the five basic physical senses (i.e. hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling) that ordinary humans have. They have an innate skill to “read” a person’s energy and gain an understanding of his emotional health and state of mind, and they use this information to map out what his future could be.


Some psychics have mediumistic ability as well. If your psychic is also a meduim, she can use spirit contact to gain a deeper understanding of the future.


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